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Your first home studio setup (Basic Tools) 

What's good? Today I want to share a cool video that I ran across about setting up your first home studio. First off having your own set up has many advantages. You can be creative on your own time. You won't have shell out hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars on studio time. If you are on a tight budget and considering making this move... I highly suggest that you check out this video. Also, Subscribe to this guys channel. (He really knows his stuff). If you haven't already... Sign up to my email list (on the home page of this site) to stay updated on new info and special offers.

Music Producers: 6 things that you can do offline to sell beats! 

What's  good fellow Producers? I'm sure right now you have been hard at work getting leads, promoting, marketing and trying to get traffic to your website to sell beats. That's great... You are handling your business! Now, that you've have that aspect of your beat selling business working... What are you doing offline to sell beats?  Well... In the pics above I'm giving you 6 examples of what I personally do offline to help my beat selling business.   Pic #1- Pass out business cards! This is a bit old school but very effective. It's way more professional than scrambling around trying to find a pen and piece of paper  to jot down your phone # or website address!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pic # 2  Self Promotion/Branding! The point of this is help you stand out and make people aware of your company. I have my  logo and name on T shirts, hoodies, caps, my coffee cup, and I actually have it on ink pens... Why ink pens you may ask? Well, I hand them out to artists that I meet as kind of a calling card. My website and contact number is imprinted on the pen (cool tactic huh?)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Pic # 3 - Studio Sessions! If you have the setup to do this... It can help you make beat sales! Most artists like to bring other artists with them (which means a potential client for you) Plus... Hearing beats on the internet is one thing... hearing them beats Banging through some studio monitors will have them reaching for their wallets! 
 Pic # 4 - Flyers/Ads - I have flyers placed in a few "Mom and Pops" record stores in my city,ads on Bulletin boards in the local music store, Clubs, etc...               
 Pic # 5 - Hard Copy/Beat Cd's!  Believe it or Not? There is still a large number of people that like a physical cd. Caution: I don't mean burn your music on a cd and write the info with a sharpie!  Put some money aside and  really make sure it looks professional. I designed my own cover and then paid to get the cd pressed up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Last but certainly not least... Pic # 6 - Get Out of the House! We all love to sit on our computers and make that money But, It's important to be seen out there among the people! Go to the club, music conferences, talent shows, open mic, pretty much where ever your target audience is!  Okay... That's all I have for now... I hope this info was useful to you... Feel free to share this with fellow Producers.  To  get more tips and info.. Join my mailing list http://eepurl.com/UUr8v  Twinnsoniq CEO of Soniqboybeats  http://www.soniqboybeats.com                                                                                                                                                                            

Is tagging a good marketing tactic?  

Well, I know this one is a touchy subject But, I'm gonna address it anyway! Does tag marketing work? I say... Not really!  First off... Tagging is really meant to let people "That  already  mess with you" know that  you have something new to share. But, just tagging everyone that's on your friends list on FB is a terrible idea. Why? Because when you do this tactic.. Every single time another person comments on that post.. The people included in that tag is getting annoying ass notification tones every 5 minutes! Are you trying win over your followers or make them mad? Sure they can turn the notifications off But, are you really trying to make them take that extra step? Marketing is a art form in itself. Doing it wrong can cost you potential followers in the long run. I'm not suggesting you not tag your people But, Just doing it to random people is not acceptable. I've done this as well. And, I tell you this.. Having someone asking you to un tag them is not a good thing.. Not even close! Just speaking from experience. Don't shoot the messenger. How do you feel about this subject? Let's talk! 

Do I need my own website? 

Here's a hot topic in the music game right now. Do I really need a website for my business? The answer is... Without a doubt... Yes!  I am a music producer and when I want to get my beats out there, I have plenty of options to choose from..Soundclick, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc... These are all good platforms to utilize But, They all have one major flaw. They have you surrounded by tons of other musicians! See, When you are building your fanbase/audience... You want the focus to be totally on you and your music! When you have your very own website.. You are in complete control of what is being viewed. Trust me.. This is what you want! Can't have people getting distracted and clicking on other stuff right? If you are on a tight budget... I suggest wix.com and weebly.com for starters. All business need a home base. Your music is your business So, It's a "no brainer' that make this happen.  Feel comment on this post.. Do you have a website? How does it help your business?  If you found value in this post please join my email list for more blog updates, beat deals, and other tools to help your business. Let's make music grat again! -Twinnsoniq- CEO/Soniqboybeats  http://www.soniqboybeats.com