Do I need my own website?

Here's a hot topic in the music game right now. Do I really need a website for my business? The answer is... Without a doubt... Yes!  I am a music producer and when I want to get my beats out there, I have plenty of options to choose from..Soundclick, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc... These are all good platforms to utilize But, They all have one major flaw. They have you surrounded by tons of other musicians! See, When you are building your fanbase/audience... You want the focus to be totally on you and your music! When you have your very own website.. You are in complete control of what is being viewed. Trust me.. This is what you want! Can't have people getting distracted and clicking on other stuff right? If you are on a tight budget... I suggest and for starters. All business need a home base. Your music is your business So, It's a "no brainer' that make this happen.  Feel comment on this post.. Do you have a website? How does it help your business?  If you found value in this post please join my email list for more blog updates, beat deals, and other tools to help your business. Let's make music grat again! -Twinnsoniq- CEO/Soniqboybeats

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