Is tagging a good marketing tactic?

Well, I know this one is a touchy subject But, I'm gonna address it anyway! Does tag marketing work? I say... Not really!  First off... Tagging is really meant to let people "That  already  mess with you" know that  you have something new to share. But, just tagging everyone that's on your friends list on FB is a terrible idea. Why? Because when you do this tactic.. Every single time another person comments on that post.. The people included in that tag is getting annoying ass notification tones every 5 minutes! Are you trying win over your followers or make them mad? Sure they can turn the notifications off But, are you really trying to make them take that extra step? Marketing is a art form in itself. Doing it wrong can cost you potential followers in the long run. I'm not suggesting you not tag your people But, Just doing it to random people is not acceptable. I've done this as well. And, I tell you this.. Having someone asking you to un tag them is not a good thing.. Not even close! Just speaking from experience. Don't shoot the messenger. How do you feel about this subject? Let's talk! 

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