Local VS Global mentality (Artist/Musicians)

As you seen in the title "Local VS Global" mentality. Where do you fit in this category? We've all heard for years the saying "If you can't make it in your city... You can't make it anywhere" But, Is this really true? I am based in Tennessee. Whenever I leave the state people usually ask me about 2 Artists more than anyone else. Young Buck and Starlito. These guys definately  have seen nation wide/Global success. But, They left their city (Nashville) to really blow up! As a Producer I talk to artists on a daily basis from various cities. They all tell me the same story. We don't really get support in our city because people are either hating, Feel like they shouldn't buy from me because they know me, Or other artists are back biting and beefing with each other. Now, If I ask them how do they do when they rock a show in other cities?  I hear this reply. Twinn... "They showed us mad love fam... You should have been there to see it." Honestly, When I think of where all of my beat sales come from... I'd say 20% are from my city (Nashville) and, 80% percent are from places like, Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky,Texas, Even the U.K. a couple of times! Maybe it's time to venture off and conquer other places from the start. What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment... I'd like to hear your input. 

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