What is Beat Sessions Volume One?

What is Beat Sessions Volume One? In a nutshell... It is a instrumental beat tape. The one thing that separates this project from the others is that the beats count as a basic mp3 lease and they are full length beats. This is why it carries a higher price tag. It is most definately worth the price!  Instead of the usual 19.99 -24.99 per basic lease. You are paying one reasonable price for several beat leases. (Most of the beats are only available on this tape) It includes a couple of actual songs as well to hear the beats with lyrics. The current "Deluxe" version contains bonus content.  If you are on a budget... This is a No Brainer for you. You can find the project here http://soniqboybeats.com/album/908778/beat-sessions-volume-1-deluxe-edition 

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