What is the Cyber Sessions Vol. 1 compilation project?

The Cyber Sessions Vol. 1 project is essentially a promotional tool that I'm putting together to raise awareness of my Production Company/Label. Soniq Boy Music Group. The whole Cyber Sessions concept came about when I realized that I had a lot of dope artists in my social media network. So, The project is about 90% of musicians that I have never met in person (Yet). The Process: Artists with studio access record a song to a Twinnsoniq composed beat and submit it for the project. Eligible beats are located on my website (Beat Tapes included). If you already have a existing song that we collaborated on... That's a possibility as well.  This is a Win/Win scenario as we will both be cross promoting each other. We will split the rights 50/50 via Distrokid. You can use the song on your own project too. If this interest you... Feel free to contact me via email @ twinnsoniq@gmail.com Subject Line (Cyber Sessions) We are in this together... Let's make some hits! The People's Producer -Twinnsoniq-

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