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Welcome to the Soniqboybeats VIP Subscription Club.  The service was designed to cater to music artists that lease instrumentals on a regular basis. 2 to 4 times in a month. Here's the deal. Instead of spending money every time you come up with a good song idea and shop for beats... You pay 20.00 per month and have access to  specially selected beats and download them at your own leisure. Mp3 lease usually 19.99 - 24.99 per beat. You can use these beats for your Mixtapes, EP's, Albums, YouTube, Spotify, Etc...  Here's the Win/Win scenario. You get the beats that you want at a great price. (The main website prices for leases is now 20.00 per beat) And, I will have a lot of much needed exposure because I will have more music production credits in my name. Must credit Twinnsoniq for production via promo or audio shout out. Features: ✓Commercial Use**
✓No Tags**
✓Royalty Free**
✓Full Length**
✓High Quality**
✓New Tracks Monthly**
✓Variety of Beat Styles**
✓No Throw Aways!!**